High End Apartments for Sale in Central Jerusalem

A great 3 bedroom, fully furnished and equipped to be rented out as a short term rental so you can start making money right away on your investment. The apartment is located off Keren Hayesod Street, and is a very sought after neighborhood for tourists. More details can be seen at http://www.yhij.net/property/luxury-apartment-off-keren-hayesod/

A beautiful apartment in a great location on Strauss Street, right between City Center and Geula, is for sale. It is built to a very high American standard, and has a Succah porch. http://www.yhij.net/property/beautiful-apartment-in-a-new-building/

New building going up on a very quiet street in Shaarei Chessed. You can buy as many meters as you need, and design the floor plan the way you wish. Going to be built to a very high standard, and you can customize it however you would like.

We are waiting to help you buy your dream home in Jerusalem, so contact us today at sales@yhij.net, 054.774.4273 (IL), or 516.874.4273.

Many apartments available to suit all needs and budgets.