Important Things to Know About Moving to Israel

Israel has long been a beautiful country to live in as well as a place that has been intriguing to visitors throughout the decades. The country offers a rich culture that people really enjoy being part of. While there are many reasons that someone may want to move to Israel, there is no doubt that once you arrive you will quickly feel right at home.

Find out what you need when it comes to moving to Israel and being able to enjoy the culture. 

What Makes Israel So Appealing to Expats?

Israel has so much to offer and no matter where you live in the country, beauty abounds. The climate varies from one area to another and in some places, it does get very cold although snow is very rare to see. For instance, in the capital city of Jerusalem, you may find temperatures a little cold occasionally while cities like Tirat Zvi experience extremely hot temperatures year-round. Thankfully, in those areas with the highest temperatures, it is usually simple to find a cool spring or even the beach to cool down in the water.

Known as the Holy Land, Israel is a country that offers beautiful rolling hills as well as deserts and white sand beaches. More than 60% of the country is desert land and stays very dry year-round.

Finding a Home in Israel

The local area you choose to live in is up to your own personal preference. As an expat, you may be able to purchase land or buy a home in Israel but it is best to seek counsel from a real estate attorney as well as a professional realtor when searching for a great home to buy. There are quite a few great choices when it comes to home rentals though and you may find that what you pay is lower than what you would pay in the United States.

Rental apartments and homes in Israel can be found for prices ranging from as little as 1000 ILS to over 20000 ILS. This is a cost of around $270 USD to just over $5000 USD. It is best to look for long-term homes but if you are only staying a few months, you can easily find quite a few beautiful vacation rentals for attractive rates as well. Working with a professional realtor is advised to find a home in Israel because only a realtor can show you the homes that are in great condition in the local area you may want to live in and will be able to help ensure your find a home that will be within your rental budget.

Is a Visa Required?

First, to go to Israel, your passport must be valid for no less than six months if you are American or coming from a country in the EU, Canada or Australia. If you plan to stay 90 days or less, you won’t need a visa at all. Staying longer than 90 days? You will need to apply for a visa.

If you plan to work while in Israel, you need to already have the job and your employer will need to apply for a work visa on your behalf. Without the company application to obtain the visa, you will not be allowed to work at all. If you are not working, you should check with the Embassy of Israel to consider other common visas for expats who are relocating to Israel.

Can I Bring My Vehicle?

One consideration to make when shipping a vehicle over is to ensure that it is on the list of approved vehicle models. You can check with the Israeli Ministry of Transport to check and see if your car will be approved for entry. You also need to know that all imports are required to have the speedometer in kilometers instead of miles and signals must work according to European code.

A certified letter from an Israel garage must be presented for the vehicle to be imported. The vehicle must have a clear title and be shipped with RORO, which means the vehicle will be driven, or rolled onto a ship for transport or it may also be shipped inside a container. A car may also be shipped via air, but this is usually reserved strictly for high end luxury cars and extremely expensive vehicles. When you contact a professional vehicle transport company to get a quote for services, be sure to check into your choices for shipment before you schedule transport.

What About My Household Items?

Household items can also be brought over to Israel with you. Choosing a professional overseas mover for the task is highly recommended. When you work closely with an agent on your move you can drastically cut down time needed to gather information and paperwork and ensure your move goes smoothly.

Only three containers or shipments are allowed per person into Israel within three years. All items shipped over will need to stay in your possession for at least five years from the date of shipment.

Once you make your move, you can enjoy all that comes from Israel and what this great country can offer your life. With plenty of points of interest, you can fill your days with many things to do and place to explore and enjoy your new life living in the country.